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Korean color acrylic imitation glass craft professional instructor course
Stained Acrylic Specialist Training Course

Transparent handmade art uses acrylic instead of glass to create glass-like works using special materials.

The production process is safer and has full freedom, allowing flexibility to produce different products.

The finished product is rich in color, lightweight and won't chip.

Suitable for adults, children, and retired people to develop their skills, conduct classroom courses, group activities, and workshops.

​After graduation, you will be awarded a certificate by the Korean Association and authorized to offer the same courses and workshops.


Korean color acrylic imitation glass craftsmanship professional instructorCertificate course content

1. Doorbell color design x2 pieces

2. Retro lamp: Lampshade color design x1

3. Retro storage box: cabinet door decoration design x1

Duration: 4-5 hours

Course features

-Safe production, no need for welding

-Material properties and application skills of auxiliary tools

-Product production and precautions

Course fee: HKD3200

Electronic certificate fee: HKD610

Korean color acrylic imitation glass art workshop

Series A: Complete 2 small items of decoration (doorbell/key chain/tag/small mirror) | Duration: 1.5 hours | Fee: HKD520/person

Series B: Complete a storage box design | Duration: 1.5 hours | Fee: HKD380/person

Series C: Complete a medium-sized object (water pattern lamp/diamond pattern lamp/pedestal mirror/mandala decoration) | Duration: 2 hours | Fee: HKD480/person

Fingertips art

Korean color acrylic imitation glass craft experience classProduct examples

韓式亞克力仿玻璃藝術課程| 工作坊- B系列

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