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​Selected Pastel Courses

Calligraphy Pastel~Four Seasons Certificate Course
Spring Summer Fall Winter Course

The calligraphy pastel four seasons series designed by Japanese artist Maruyama Namiko has a cute style that will take you to play with the colors of the four seasons.


Duration: 7 hours

Cost: HKD$1400 per person

Certificate fee: Electronic file: HKD250 

Japanese Dancer Doll Certificate Course
Hannari Maiko Han course

The Maiko doll designed by Japanese artist Namiko Maruyama has a simple composition and cute design. You can create different colors, patterns and clothes at will. After completing four paintings, you can obtain an authorization certificate to teach this course.


In the course, you will learn how to design dolls and different clothing matching techniques.

Inspire pattern design and creativity


Duration: 5 hours

Cost: HKD$1200 per person

Content: Completed 4 works

Certificate fee: Electronic file: HKD250

Calligraphy Pastels ~ Flashing Seven Colors
Pasteriasho course shining in seven colors

The calligraphy pastels designed by Japanese artist Maruyama Namiko ~ glitter in seven colors, rich in color, beautiful and soft, you can enjoy the fun of seven colors at once.


Cost: HKD$1400 per person

Duration: 6-7 hours

Authorized teaching registration fee: HKD250

Penetration Art Certificate Course
Clear Art Certification Course

Japanese artist Ritsuko Inaba designed the painting, using soft pastels to express the crystal clear feeling. After completion, you will be authorized to teach.

Each painting takes about 1.5hrs

Can be completed in one day

Content: Complete 4 paintings

Fee: HKD1400

PDF certificate fee: HKD620