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Harmony Pastel Taku Lesson Plan

Japanese painter Tsuchida Taku has a beautiful, dreamy and childlike style of painting.

If you have the qualification of harmonious pastel quasi-instructor/full instructor

If you complete any Taku lesson plan with more than 5 paintings in our studio, you can apply for a certificate and teach the lesson plan you learned.

​Welcome to the country of colors.

Single painting experience fee:

Series A: HKD300/painting   |  It takes about 1-1.5 hours

Series B: HKD360/painting   |  It takes about 1.5-2 hours

Reservation process:
1. Select the painting number you want to draw
2. Click to register now
3. Select discount items
4. Fill in personal information and painting number
5. Appointment date and time
6. Payment

和諧粉彩Taku 教案體驗班/證書班
和諧粉彩Taku 教案體驗班/證書班
Fingertips art

Series A1-28

Series A29-56

Series B1-10

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