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Alcohol ink art plus one Class Atelier Tua

Japanese Alcohol Ink Art Certificatecourse

ALCOHOL INK ART plus one JapanliquorFine Ink Art CertificateThe course is designed by Japanese artist Mr. Sasahara, which condenses the essence of European and American painting styles., only for generalAlcohol ink plus different blowing techniques,Can create beautiful thingsalcohol inkWorks, you can apply after completing the course and submitting 3 worksJapanese sakefine ink artCertificate and authorized to teach​Workshop and run this course.

Course objects:

​Want to lead alcohol ink courses and workshops

Japanese alcohol ink art course can be completed in one/two days 

Class duration: 6 hours

Finish︰5-7 works

Course content (10 skills in total for basic and intermediate levels):

1. Characteristics and application techniques of alcohol, ink, pigment and paper

2. Ball balloon and hair dryer skills

3. Circle creation skills

4. Rose creation techniques

5. Color mixing creative techniques

6. Flower creation techniques

7. Techniques for creating annual rings

8. Creation techniques of straight lines and wavy points

9. Marble Creation Techniques

10. Golden line creation techniques

**Additional gift of radial line creation skills

Course fee: HKD 3220 |

PDFCertificate fee: HKD980

(Total HKD4200) (includes course notes, required tools and paint loan)  

**Comes with Mr. Sasaharaalcohol inkWork demonstration videos for practice and review purposes
alcohol inkcourse notes andliquor
fine inkA tool gift pack (worth HKD8)00)

Japanese alcohol ink art certificate course ALCOHOL INK ART plus one
Japanese alcohol ink art certificate course ALCOHOL INK ART plus one
Fingertips art,
Room 1302, Golden Times Commercial Building, 2-4 Chatham Wai, Tsim Sha Tsui
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