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Dot Painting Magic Circle Teacher Course
Magic Circle Art Course

From the Japanese dot painting magic circle art course, you can dot colorful light spots on black paper to create gorgeous works, and improve your concentration and creativity in the process.

After completing the Level 3 course and submitting 4 post-class works, you will receive an electronic certificate issued by Mr. Seiko Kunieda from Japan.

 Basic course (5 hours in duration)
1. Learn how to position
2. Complete 1 front dotted mandala work (15cmx15cm) 
3. Complete 1 piece of magic circle mandala (12.5 x 18cm)
Fee: HKD1500

Teacher Class 1: Dragon Magic Circle (5 hours required)
1. Learn how to position
2. Complete 1 Dragon Magic Circle Mandala (A4)
Fee: HKD900

Teacher Class 2: Peacock Magic Circle (5 hours)
1. Learn how to position
2. Complete 1 piece of Peacock Magic Circle Magic Circle Mandala (A4)
Fee: HKD900

Total level 3 course including certificate: HKD3650  (certificate fee included: 350)

If you register for the Level 3 course at the same time, you will receive 2 sets of painting brushes (the brushes are only available in Hong Kong and Macao), 3 sets of black drawing paper, and 2 sets of special templates (valued at HKD$400).

If you are unable to attend on the event date, you are welcome to make an appointment. Classes are limited to one person.

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