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Tuning Fork Wellness and Rehabilitation Course
Tuning Fork Body & Mind Wellness and Recovery Course 


what istuning fork sound therapy

Tuning forks are a type of sound therapy. Through sound frequencies, tuning forks help relieve stress and negative emotions. They can be used on different acupuncture points. Tuning forks target different parts of the body to relieve discomfort and achieve mental, spiritual and healing effects.


Therapeutic tuning forks create resonant wave frequency patterns in the body, which help trigger the body's release of nitric oxide, bringing deep calm and quickly adjusting and repairing imbalanced cells.

The vibration frequency of sound is originally a physical phenomenon and is also quite scientific. Research has proven that the vibration frequency of the tuning fork can produce a resonant wave frequency pattern throughout the body, stimulating cells to release nitric oxide (Nitric Oxide). Nitric oxide is present everywhere in the human body along with the blood. As long as there is blood, there is nitric oxide. Nitric oxide can smooth the microcirculation and ensure that blood is transported to every corner of the human body.

Why nitric oxide is so important

It can relax arteries, which is required to maintain normal blood pressure, promote the repair of vascular endothelial cells, decompose accumulated garbage and discharge it with the blood, and prevent general lung diseases. Nitric oxide can also help blood flow to the brain to enhance long-term memory.

70% of the human body is composed of water, and sound is 4 times faster in water than in air. Therefore, tuning forks can accelerate the speed of nitric oxide to change the body's biochemical reactions, adjust the frequency imbalance of the nervous system, muscles and internal organs, reaching Harmony and balance. Tuning fork therapy can also be used on various acupuncture points to soothe inflammation and pain in the skin, muscles and joints.

Benefits of Tuning Fork Therapy

Relax physically and mentally

Adjust the body’s natural cycle

Unblock meridians

Improve digestive system

Natural anti-inflammatory

Increases bone density and promotes healing of strained muscles, tendons and ligaments

nervous system balance

Helps improve sleep quality

Is tuning fork therapy suitable for everyone?

​Course SuitablePeople who want to use tuning fork audio as a personal health care provider.

If there is metal in the bodyImplants such as orthopedic implants or cardiac pacemakers are not suitable for tuning fork therapy.

  • 音叉身心保健及康復課程系列二︰音叉Om136.1, Otto C128, G192
    音叉身心保健及康復課程系列二︰音叉Om136.1, Otto C128, G192
    Fingertips art
    Fingertips art , 葵興大連排道36-46號貴盛工業大廈2期13樓G10室
    Fingertips art , 葵興大連排道36-46號貴盛工業大廈2期13樓G10室
  • 音叉身心保健及康復系列三︰音叉 Light Harmonic set C256,C512,G&A
    音叉身心保健及康復系列三︰音叉 Light Harmonic set C256,C512,G&A
    Fingertips art
    Fingertips art , 葵興大連排道36-46號貴盛工業大廈2期13樓G10室
    Fingertips art , 葵興大連排道36-46號貴盛工業大廈2期13樓G10室

Tuning Fork Mind and Body Health Care and Rehabilitation Course Series 1: Tuning Fork Om136.1 | Relaxation of body and mind | Emotional regulation | Smooth Qi and blood | Improve body healing power | Calm mind | Relieve tension (2 hours)


The 136.1Hz OM frequency is the original sound of the universe, which contains huge vibration energy. It can stimulate cells to release nitric oxide and resonate with the body. It is a set of simple and easy-to-learn tools for relieving emotional stress, physical pain and improving the soul!

Tuning fork lessonwithin the processAllow︰

  1. Tuning fork deep breathing relaxation

  2. Tuning fork purifying breathing method

  3. Sound therapy relaxes the mind

  4. Tuning fork to relax and soothe your mood

  5. Smooth Qi and blood


Tuning fork therapy course fee: HKD600 (comes with a tuning fork Aleph Om136.1 | Value: HKD400)

Tuning fork physical and mental health care and rehabilitation course series two: Tuning fork Om136.1, Otto C128, G192 | Relax body and mind | Detoxify | Protect eyes | Fight off dark circles and eye bags | Tuning fork beauty | Enhance immunity | Improve cold hands and feet | Promote blood circulation | Improve sleep Quality | COVID-19 recovery | post-injection health care | post-epidemic health care (3 hours)


Otto is the abbreviation of Osteophonic, which means it resonates with the bones and can loosen tight muscles. It is like a sonic massage, helping you relax tension and stabilize your body and mind.


Listening to the Otto C128 tuning fork can help grounding and relaxation. The Otto tuning fork can promote the release of nitric oxide in blood vessels, achieving the benefits of physical and mental relaxation.


G192 Tuning Fork is a magnesium frequency that can stimulate the face, relax and parallel the facial nerves, improve skin quality and health, and can also improve insomnia, stabilize nerves, relieve anxiety and depression, and relax muscles, etc.


Tuning Fork Course Contents:

  1. Tuning fork eye massage

  2. Tuning Fork Fingertip Yoga

  3. Tuning Fork Detox

  4. Improve cold hands and feet

  5. Promote blood circulation


tuning fork therapyCourse fee: HKD2400

(Comes with a set of Aleph C128 and Aleph G192 tuning forks, two 16mm and 6mm tuning fork crystal holders each | Value: HKD1800)

Tuning Fork Light Harmonic set C256, C512, G&A  | Relaxation of mind and body | Emotional regulation | Pain relief | Strong bones | Enhance joint flexibility | Feel the moment | (3 hours)


 The Harmonic set can quickly achieve a relaxing effect and improve our ability to sense sound waves. It awakens cell memory through natural audio and adjusts the balance of the body's chakras and other energy systems.


Tuning Fork Course Contents:

  1. Tuning fork sound therapy relaxation

  2. Feel the moment and relax your mind

  3. Tuning forks strengthen bones

  4. Improve joint flexibility

  5. Sound therapy releases negative energy

  6. Tuning Fork Harmony Stretch

  7. Tuning fork shoulder and neck muscle relaxation

  8. Tuning fork leg muscle relaxation


tuning fork therapyCourse fee: HKD1800

(Comes with tuning fork Light Harmonic set C256, C512, G&A and tuning fork starter set | Value: HKD900)

​Complete the three series and receive an electronic certificate of attendance issued by the studio.

Tuning Fork Chakra Sound Therapy Service 

The tuning fork therapist mainly uses 8 harmonious tuning forks for your treatment.

Duration: 1 hour

Fee: HKD700


1. HealConsult beforehand to understand the situation​ and detect the chakra status

2. Tuning Fork Healing

Tuning fork therapy benefits:

Physical relaxation: Relaxation of bones, shoulders, neck, and muscles

Adjustment at the spiritual level: relieves tension, helps improve sleep quality, strengthens personal aura, and balances energy status

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