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"Bright Sparkling Mandala Art Course"
Bright Art Mandala Course

Drawing mandala is an extremely interesting way to explore the inner self. In the process of drawing mandala graphics, we explore our inner secrets and help us explore our unknown selves. It also helps stabilize our emotions, relieve anxiety, create imaginative space, and enhance aesthetic pleasure.


The tutorial designed by Japanese artist Seiko Kunieda allows colors to dye the mysterious black space. Each work sparkles under the light, blooming with charming and gorgeous light. Let's focus on the present and enjoy the quiet and beautiful moment together.


"Bright Sparkling Mandala Art Teacher Course"

Content (Complete the 2-choose-1 color textbook: cool colors/warm colors)

Step1: Glitter Mandala: 10cm piece X1 + 15cm piece X1

Step2: Gorgeous glittering mandala: 10cm piece X1 + 15cm piece X1

Duration: 5 hours

​Course fee: HKD$2,130 (free lesson plan material package worth $450)

Bright and Glittering Mandala Art Teacher Training Course
Bright and Glittering Mandala Art Teacher Training Course
Class date/Please make an appointment in the registration column for zoom classes
Fingertips art,
Room G10, 13/F, Kwai Shing Industrial Building 2, 36-46 Dalian Pai Road, Kwai Hing

Type A cool color work demonstration

Type A Warm Color Works Demonstration

Type F work demonstration