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Point Drawing Mandala Art Teacher Course
Pointillism Mandala Art Course

Mandala (Sanskrit Mandala, that is, circle) means the center, circle, or mandala (mandala) where worship is gathered.


Drawing mandala is an extremely interesting way to explore the inner self. In the process of drawing mandala graphics, we explore our inner secrets and help us explore our unknown selves. It also helps stabilize our emotions, relieve anxiety, create imaginative space, and enhance aesthetic pleasure.


In the dot painting mandala art course from Japan, you can dot dots of color on black paper to create gorgeous works, and improve your concentration and creativity in the process.


After completing the Level 4 course and submitting 3 post-course works, you will receive an electronic certificate issued by our studio.

​ Let’s enjoy dot painting together. ​

Step 1: Creation of basic graphics of the Flower of Life (takes 2~3hrs) [Cost: HKD600]

1. Positioning methods and the completion of a work will be taught in class


Step 2: Concentric circle creation (takes 2~3hrs) [Fee: HKD600]

1. Graphic exercises will be carried out in class, and a practice drawing will be completed to inject ideas into creation.

2. Concentric circle drawing

3. Homework: Complete a work of concentric circles

Step 3: Pattern application 1 (takes 2~3hrs) [Cost: HKD750]

1. Teach the use of templates and complete a work in class

2. Overlapping line drawing

3. Homework: Complete an overlapping line work


Step 4: Pattern application 2 (takes 2~3hrs) [Cost: HKD750]

1. Graphic exercises will be carried out in class and a practice diagram will be completed.

2. The use of templates and graphic exercises will be taught in class, and a practice drawing will be completed.

3. Homework: Complete a piece of 20cm drawing paper

If you register for the Level 4 course at the same time, you will receive 2 sets of painting pens, 3 sets of black drawing paper, and 2 sets of special templates (valued at HKD$400).

If you are unable to attend on the event date, you are welcome to make an appointment. Classes are limited to one person.

Fingertips art,

Step 1  Demonstration of works

Step 1  Demonstration of works

Step 2  Demonstration of works