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ISDH Resin Glue Products Teacher Certificate Course

Resin glue products have long been popular among women in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. They are easy to get started and are essential for product markets/consignment entrepreneurship.

The rare resin glue teaching certificate is very suitable for people who are interested or want to start a side business to master comprehensive resin technology knowledge.


Course content:

1. Theoretical part

- Resin types and application categories

- Mold application and selection key points

- Clarity, defoaming techniques

- Tools required for making resin products

- Safety and precautions


2. Production of resin products

- Tips on using paints and accessories

- How to make fluid resin


Officially designated six finished products:

- Phone case

- Tray Tray

- Diary cover notebook cover

- Shaker shake quicksand bottle

- Bookmark

- Phone hand holder


Fingertip Art Studio gives you two exclusive accessories tips


-Water pattern technique

-Drawing skills


Course takes 6 hours (can be completed in 2 half days/1 day)

Fingertips art

ISDH resin glue product examples

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