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Japanese Crystal Flower Art Certificate Course
flower of crystal art course

Crystal Flower was founded by Japanese teacher Rumi Ishimaru. It uses pastel to create the beauty of flowers and plants through lines and patterns. It is a series of exquisite floral pastel art. Each series takes about 5-6 hours. After completing each series, you will receive an independent Japanese certificate issued by "Crystal Flower Art Academy" (the certificate will be sent from Japan).

​本The studio is the Crystal Flower Partner Academy, which can teach a complete set ofCrystallized Flower Art Course.

Duration of each series: 5 hours

After completing the Crystal Flower Instructor Certificate, you will be authorized to teach the completed series of certificate courses.
Suggested learning order
Crystal Flower Basic Certificate | HKD$1700 per person 
Crystal Flower Instructor Certificate | HKD$2500 per person  
Translucent Change Certificate | HKD$1700 per person 
Translucent Union Certificate | HKD$1700 per person  
Flower Fairy Certificate | HKD$1700 per person  
Wings Flower Certificate | HKD$1700 per person  
Fairy Flower Certificate | HKD$1700 per person
Window Decoration Certificate | HKD$1700 per person  

The above course fees include electronic certificate fees. If you need a printed version, you will need to pay an additional HKD100 for each series.

If you want to be authorized to teach the Crystal Flower Instructor Certificate, you must complete all the above series, submit 3 works of each series (48 works in total) and participateTeacher Rumi’s Crystal Flower Partner Academy course.

Fingertips art,

crystal flowerBasic Certificate Flower of crystal Basic Meister course
(entry series)

colorful flowers

Crystal Flower TutorCertificateFlower of crystal Advance Teacher course

Crystal Flower:Flower of Transparent Variation Certificate
(entry series)

Single color transparent flower
Color translucent
Translucent gemstone