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Fingertips artFingertips art

Committed to providing a variety of physical, mental and spiritual activities and services

Share art as a way to explore yourself, calm the mind, inspire creativity, increase happiness,

Joy and positive energy!

Organize different art experiences, group activities, and certification courses

(Finger painting pastel, harmonious pastel, alcohol ink art, crystal flower art,Mandala painting class,

Zentangle art, diffuser stone handmade, resin glue handmade)

Online reservation process:

1. Go to the course page you want to take

2. Click to register/purchase tickets now

3. Select courses/discounts

4. Press checkout to go to the appointment page

5. Fill in personal information

6. Select the date to participate/reservation date and time

(For event days other than those listed in the table, please make a reservation via WhatsApp first and then register)

7. Payment (online payment: Credit card/Paypal | manual payment: bank transfer/FPS/payme/Alipay HK/wechat pay)

8. Successful registration


☆☆In addition to making reservations through the online registration system, you can also contact us at Whatsapp 6765 2855 to register for your favorite courses.

 Pastel Art: Apply pastel with your fingertips, no painting skills required, full sense of achievement