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What are Harmony Pastels?

Harmony pastel (Pastel Nagomi Art) originated from Japan. It was founded by Mr. Nobuyoshi Hosotani and established the "Japan Pastel Hope Art Association" (JPHAA). The Chinese character for Nagomi in Japanese is "和", which means harmony. Harmony Pastel is the art of painting with fingers using pastels, bringing peace, harmony and joy to the soul through simple artistic expression.

Japanese Harmony Pastel can be divided into experience courses, associate instructor courses and full instructor courses

Japanese Harmony Pastel Experience Course: Participants can experience the fun of Japanese Harmony Pastel for the first time

Japanese Harmony Pink Instructor Course: After completion, you can apply for a JPHAA certificate and start experience classes

Japan Harmony Fans Instructor Course: After completion, you can apply for the JPHAA certificate and start quasi-instructor classes and train regular instructors

  • 和諧粉彩準指導師培訓班
    Fingertips art
    Fingertips art, 葵興大連排道36-46號貴盛工業大廈2期13樓G10室
    Fingertips art, 葵興大連排道36-46號貴盛工業大廈2期13樓G10室
    *一次學會多種和諧粉彩技巧 * 讓簡單的藝術創作成為自我探索的工具 * 透過指繪藝術與色彩接觸,平靜身心 * 成為藝術分享者,助人助己 課程會學習18張JPHAA指定的畫作(包括風景、人物、情緒、五感抽象等),課程結束後,需於一個月內完成三幅和諧粉彩創作及簡短問答題作業,再由導師寄回日本JPHAA申請證書簽發。認證後可以『JPHAA 準指導師』名義開辦日本和諧粉彩「體驗班」。
  • 和諧粉彩正導師培訓班
    Fingertips art
    Fingertips art, 葵興大連排道36-46號貴盛工業大廈2期13樓G10室
    Fingertips art, 葵興大連排道36-46號貴盛工業大廈2期13樓G10室

Harmony Pastel Pre-instructor Training Course

Harmony pastel prospective tutorThe course uses 18 to 20 pastel paintings of different themes (including landscapes, characters, emotions, five-sense abstractions, etc.) to learn a variety of harmonious pastel techniques.

After completing the class, submit your homework (including short questions and three harmonious pastel creations) to apply to become a "JPHAA Associate Instructor". The certificate will be issued and sent directly by JPHAA in Japan. After certification, you can open Japanese Harmony Pastel "Experience Class" in the name of "JPHAA Associate Instructor"

This studio offers three-day/six-day courses. You are welcome to make reservations for the type you like. The courses are for one person.

Three-day course time: 10:30am-5:30pm
Six-day course duration: 3 hours per day

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Harmony Pastel Instructor Training Course

Finishharmonious pastelsAfter the class, if you want to learn more skills or become a member of the promotion of pastel art, you can participate in a one-day refresher training class and complete 4 more difficult works.

After completing the class, the instructor can assist you in applying to the Japan JPHAA Association to become a regular instructor. You can then teach Japanese Harmonious Pastel Associate Instructor Courses andTrain positive instructors.

Positive pointing lesson plan B~ Hymn

Positive Finger Lesson Plan D ~ Dream of Legend
Legendary Dream


Positive Finger Lesson Plan E ~
Final words


Positive Finger Lesson Plan F ~

Seven colors of light.jpg

Positive teaching lesson planI~
MAG to Amazing

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