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"Mandala Zen Ka Facilitator Certification Course"

Inner Soul Exploration|Emotion Management|Intuition Training


Be your own consultant

Explore the subconscious world through cards and colors

rapid belief rewriting

Create a new blueprint for life

Mandala Zen Card Features

  • for self-exploration

  • Help sort out emotions

  • Can be combined with different relaxation techniques

  • Intuitive card interpretation without memorizing card meanings

  • Connect with more people through cards

  • Physical, mental and spiritual workers combine their own expertise to develop


"Mandala Zen Ka Facilitator Certification Course"Course content:

~ Basic concepts of the seven chakras

~Emotional sorting skills

~How to deeply relax and rest

~ Interpretation of simple card formations

~ Deep Chakra Energy Clearing Techniques

~Interpretation of Color Chakra Energy

~Advanced card interpretation skills

~ Subconscious writing

1-3 people per class

Zoom/face-to-face classes/classes available by appointment only

Mandala Zen Card CourseOriginal price: HKD 3000

Early bird discount: HKD2400 (payment 7 days before the event)

​Member discount: HKD2000

After completing the course, you will receive a certificate after completing 5 cases.

Supplementary for joining the course

💝LGT 12 introductory courses (free access to card founder courses)

  • Trance: Conversations with the Self and Subconscious

  • Limitations: From seeing to overcoming your own limiting beliefs

  • Heart Anchor: Change the state of body, mind and soul

  • Core: Methods for clearing space in the brain

  • Engagement: Relaxation and Focus Techniques

  • Analysis: subconscious analysis of language structure

  • Relaxation: three steps to deep expression

  • Goals: Focus goal subconscious setting

  • Strength: Quickly improve self-confidence and self-worth

  • Belief: Master the inner success formula

  • Transform: Emotional remote control to adjust your mood

  • Change: Two keys to creating life

💝Free refresher card founder Zen card course

💝Free re-training for old students to integrate the mind Zen card course

💝A set of mandala Zen cards

💝2-part card meditation audio video

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