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Diffusing stone handmade gifts DIY workshop
Aroma Stone Workshop

Welcome to customize gift combinations of your choice
Colors available

Optional A+B combo $300/person | 2 hours


A. Choose a shape chassis

1. Round Coaster

2. Hexagon Coaster

3. Flower shaped coaster

4. Wing storage tray

5. Shell storage tray

6. Long-shaped furnishings

7.  Jewelry box

B. Choose any 2 medium-sized accessories + 6 small-sized accessories

Small accessories:

1. Square letters 

2. Flower series  (small roses, daisies)

3. Little dolls (teddy bear, little bear, striped cat, hea rabbit, secretly watching rabbit) 

4. Dessert accessories  

(Flower cakes, coffee beans, strawberries, cookies, etc.)

​Medium size accessories:

1.Flower series  (hydrangea, lily, camellia)

2. Macarons  

3. Medium-sized dolls (skin rabbit, skin texture whale, waving rabbit) 

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