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Miss Xeni Chu
Course Tutor
Fingertips Art Founder

throughEmbark on a journey of spiritual exploration through different activities and inner dialogue.

We firmly believe that everyone can find their true self through appropriate tools, organize different online and offline experiences and certificate certifications, and are committed to sharing diversified activities as a way to self-explore, calm the mind, inspire creativity, and add happiness, joy and positive energy!

*Japanese Harmony Pastel Instructor

*Japanese crystal flower art instructor

*Japanese Dream Mandala Certified Instructor

*Japanese calligraphy pastel certified instructor

*Japanese Muse Pastel Instructor

*Japanese alcohol ink art instructor

*Zentangle®️Zentangle Certified Teacher CZT 

*American IAPC registered painting psychoanalyst

*NGH Hypnotherapy Therapist

*Senior executive of NLP mind-body language

*American certified tuning fork therapist

*Tuning Fork Physical and Mental Health and Rehabilitation Course Lecturer

*Energy Singing Bowl Healer

*Mandala Zenka Lecturer

*Cerebral tattoo specialist

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