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Registration information for courses and services

  1. If you request to change the class date after the appointment is confirmed, personal leave must be notified three days before the class date. Sick leave must be notified three hours in advance and a doctor's certificate must be provided. If the leave is accepted, it will be postponed and rescheduled. The rescheduling can only be arranged once. If you request changes again, a handling fee of HK$100 will be charged each time, with a maximum of three changes.

  2. Courses and services must be completed within one year. If the rescheduling limit is used up, the participant fails to complete the class within the time limit due to personal reasons, withdraws or is absent from the class, it will be deemed to be automatically abandoned and the company will not issue a refund.

  3. Courses cannot be changed after registration.

  4. Photography and videotaping of classroom instructors’ demonstrations without permission is strictly prohibited.

  5. If you participate in a painting class, participants can take photos of their completed paintings to record the steps for review.

  6. Under severe weather conditions, such as typhoon signal No. 8 or black rain, face-to-face classes will be postponed to the next class or rescheduled to another day. The company will make rescheduling or refund arrangements in accordance with typhoon and rainstorm warning measures.

  7. Note: Except for light foods and beverages, strong-flavored foods are not allowed in the studio.

  8. All workshops and courses will be charged an administrative fee of $50 per half hour if participants are overdue for one hour due to personal reasons.

  9. For the personal data collection statement please visit

  10. In case of any dispute, our company reserves the right to make the final decision.


Things to know when purchasing products in online stores

1.     There are no refunds for all goods sold (including pre-ordered products).

2.     If any of the goods you purchased on the website are found to be damaged within 7 days from the delivery date, please contact customer service within 7 days from the delivery date and provide the relevant document number for further processing. .

3.  If you need to apply for an exchange, please ensure that the product and its packaging are intact. (*Only one time, no refund service).

Please note that returns and exchanges will not be possible if the product has the following conditions:


2. The goods or products that are not brand new have been opened.

3. Incomplete packaging; complete packaging should include the goods, original packaging materials and accessories.


In case of any dispute, our company reserves the right to make the final decision.

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