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Muse Pastel Certificate Course

Muse Pastel was founded by Japanese painter Kimie Aso, hoping that participants can bring joy and passion through pastel art.


This course is suitable for

  • No pastel experience/new to pastel

  • Already familiar with pastels and want to know more basic pastel techniques and knowledge

  • Want to become a pastel tutor and guide students more systematically


Muse Pastel Basics Course

Course content:

  1. drawing lines

  2. Tailoring practice

  3. Monochromatic Gradients: Techniques for Painting, Whitening, and Gradient Colors

  4. 3D Stereoscopic Techniques: How to Capture Light and Shadow

  5. Painting gradient colors and 3D solids

  6. Painting four-leaf clover and water droplets: using unmixed colors to create green, painting 3D water droplets

  7. Painting Apple: Painting 3D Apple

Basic class: Complete 3 paintings (monochrome gradient, four-leaf clover and apple)

Fee: HKD 1500

wix photo (2).jpg

Muse Pastel Basics Level 2 Course

Course content:

  1. color knowledge

  2. wood color exercise

  3. Capture and draw objects

  4. Morphing skills: from complex to simple

  5. Copyright knowledge

  6. Painting rainbow

  7. Painting Aurora

  8. intuitive painting


Basic Level 2: Complete four paintings (rainbow colors, aurora, intuitive color energy)

Fee: HKD1600


extended learning

After completing the basic course, basic second-level course and 3 extended learning paintings, you can obtain the Japanese Muse Pastel Instructor Certificate and teach the basic course, basic second-level course and the Muse pastel paintings you have learned.

Authorization certificate fee: HKD250

extended learning

Three-dimensional strawberry, water drops and green leaves, autumn leaves, sunset ocean

Cost: HKD500/painting

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