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Cerebral Dermatoglyphics---Report on the Development of Talent Advantages



Scientists study that skin lines are closely related to human innate development and talent. Human skin lines begin in the 13th week of pregnancy and complete all development around 24 weeks. Skin lines remain unchanged throughout life, and the fingerprints of each finger are... Uniqueness affects personal potential and character.

Since skin patterns can reflect the strengths and weaknesses of innate brain development, with proper upbringing, there is a chance to develop good character traits such as independent learning, positive emotions and the courage to face challenges. Also because acquired education, environment, eating habits, and even brain accidents and trauma all affect brain development, so skin patterns cannot be used as "numerology" or used in general calculations, otherwise it will lead to superstition and create unnecessary fatalism. .

The "Dermatoglyphics - Talent and Strengths Development Report" developed by the Integration Masters Association is currently the most comprehensive and reference-valued cerebral dermatoglyphics analysis report on the market, covering the development of talents and strengths.


The report effectively integrates dermatoglyphics into the knowledge of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), cognitive psychology, positive psychology, multiple intelligences, sensory integration, type 16 personality MBTI and DISC, making it the only one on the market. Can produce innate MBTI and multiple intelligence development recommendations for talent advantage assessment reports.


In response to reporting needs, we also provide around-the-clock door-to-door tattoo collection services. Online and offline report analysis can assist parents, education circles and related guidance professionals to comprehensively develop the talents and development advantages of children, young people, and even adults, and establish integrated Think and create a full and abundant life.

Talent Х investment (input knowledge + skill development + perseverance exercise) = advantage

The sooner you understand where your talents lie, the sooner you can develop your inner uniqueness into your strengths.

one servingCerebral Dermatoglyphics---Report on the Development of Talent AdvantagesUse for life

  • Children's education - teaching students in accordance with their aptitude

  • personal potential development

  • career planning

  • parent-child relationship

  • Marriage and family relations

What are cerebral cortical patterns and their natural advantages?​? 

bigDermatoglyphics-Features of Talent Advantage Development Report


Cerebral Dermatoglyphics - Talent Advantage Development Report - User Experience Sharing


Cerebral dermatoglyphics---The production time of talent advantage development report usually takes about one to two working days

PDF Cerebral Dermatoglyphics---Talent Advantage Development Report Fee: HKD800/copy

Cerebral dermatoglyphics---online analysis of talent advantage development report: HKD800/hour



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